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At Peter Warren Suzuki, we strive to exceed all of our customer’s expectations with the highest service possible. And if you have got what it takes to push the envelope of excellence, we would love to have you on our dynamic team. Our team at Peter Warren Suzuki have over 26 years of experience with the Suzuki brand and we are proud to have enjoyed a great deal of success in Sydney’s South West area.

The key to our success lies on the fond dedication towards the business and our longstanding relationships with customers. Stemming from impressive leaders and role models, Peter Warren Suzuki has fostered a passionate team founded on integrity, excellent work-life balance, a well-designed and support workspace and abundant training and professional development. It is no wonder why Peter Warren Suzuki has gained an outstanding reputation in the automotive industry.

Empowering lives and helping people is in our business and if you would like to be a part of it, we would love to connect with you.

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